Surface Magazine

Year: 2019
School: Berghs School of Communication

Editorial Design


I wanted the magazine to deep dive into skincare and topics most magazine just scratches the surface of. The magazine highlights subjects such as acids, molecules and peptides and deep dives into what they are and how they affect the skin. I wanted the design to be clean with focus on the ingredients and human skin. This as I think textures are both beautiful and interesting. Most skincare magazines focusc on the packaging of the products and where to buy them, this was not my purpose.

"Julia has created an elegant magazine that delves deep into skin care. With photos of creams that look to be eaten as dessert and a stripped-down typography that has received a lot of love, she has created a magazine that feels new, fresh and alive! Julia has a strong sense of form and detail and is also good at talking about form. She has listened attentively during the lessons and contributed with many thoughts, both about her own form and the work of her classmates. Super good!"

- Pompe Hedengren, Daniela Juvall