One letter, One story

Year: 2019
Client: Brief for D&AD 
Project together with: Moa Pålstedt

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Concept Development


A project based on the D&AD New Blood competition 2019 where we chose to work with the brief from Monotype which was: "Use type to celebrate a community". We decided to choose homeless people as the community and started our process by interviewing 26 homeless people in Stockholm. We visited shelters, public places and got a chance to hear their backgrounds and life stories. Each person we interviewed draw one letter, and we wrote down the person´s story. The result became One letter One Story, a typeface that included each person´s handwriting. Our mission with the project was to get people to see the individual behind the word homeless and revaluate their prejudices about these individuals and how they ended up in the street. By producing this font we wanted their voices to be heard and their stories to be told.