Morsk - The Swedish Blueberry Wine


Concept Development
Packaging Design


In 2018 I decided to apply to Communication Design at Berghs School of Communication. The brief was to exploit the large supply of Swedish blueberries never being harvested by creating a concept that would increase the utilization of Swedish berries instead of buying foreign blueberries. How do we create a demand without market them as super berries.

I wanted to come up with a product that did not exist on the Swedish market and to strengthen the fact that it was Swedish blueberries. The final result should contain concept and idea, craftmanship, packaging the brand and innovation and a campaign activity.

Morsk is an old Swedish word with the meaning fearless, tough and cocky. It is a Swedish wine made from Swedish blueberries. Since it is possible to produce a tasty wine while retaining the beneficial ingredients, the idea of a Swedish blueberry wine was born and the fictional brand Morsk emerged.

The name should convey courage to the buyer to dare to replace the imported fine wines with Morsk.

Morsk is available in two versions - an organic wine with an alcohol content of 11% by volume and an alcohol free with an alcoholic content of 0.5% by volume. It is the non-alcoholic that is the sender in the advertising. The bottle contains 70 cl, is made of glass with screw cap, so it should be easy to take a glass of wine and then close the bottle if desired.