Mörkret inom mig

Year: 2019
Client: Swedbank & Friends
Team: Moa Pålstedt
Role: Art Director & Editorial Designer

Work Category

Concept Development
Art Direction
Editorial Design


This projects was a brief from Friends & Swedbank. Friends has collected the abused children’s own stories about bullying and our task was to package these stories. We packaged their stories in a book which we named "Mörkret inom mig" (The darkness within me). We cut a hole through all the pages thereby creating a kind of abyss. The target group for the book is adults. We chose a large format and a cover with rough structure. It is appropriate to read it occasionally in order to properly absorb the content. We have chosen to reinforce the stories with illustrations that also make you choose to stay longer on the page. The illustrations also make the stories stand out from each other and provide a visual variation for the reader. The content of the book starts with facts about bullying, followed by the children's stories, 78 in total. In the end of the book we give the readers tools to make their own contribution to minimize bullying.