En pensionärs penséer

(The thoughts of a pensioner)

Year: 2021-2022
Role: Art Director & Designer
Author: Ture Ågren
Illustrator: Moa Pålstedt

Concept Development

Editorial Design

A person who never fails to amaze me is my grandfather. As the curious and restless man he is, he started writing poems at the age of 83 during the pandemic. One poem led to another, a long email chain later I felt they deserved a better place than in my inbox. 120 poems have now become a book. Thank you for letting me be part of creating this book from your thoughts. When creating the vision outcome for this book while capturing the beautiful meaning of each poem my grandfather has written, I felt the urge to bring in illustrations to complement a selection of poems. My talented friend Moa Pålstedt created the illustrations.

This project has a special place in my heart.